Nopales Ink

Visual Practitioner | Organizational Policy Development & Equity Consultant | Freelance Illustration

Fan Art

Commission digital paintings or sketches of BNHA characters (will do other anime with references)

Sketch Style
$10 Per Additional Character
$10 for background

Head / PFP

Line & Color


Sketches / Doodles
Linework & Color
$25 Bust | $35 Waist

Full Body

Line & Color

Full Color & Background
Start at $100+
Comics start at $150
Animated GIFs start at $150
Final price depends on scene complexity or panel and frame quantity

Digital paintings of your story. The process begins with consultation to determine scenes or characters, thumbnailing, sketch, line-art, to color rendering before final delivery.Rates Vary
$60 to $100 per hour
(Style varies depending on mood/tone and look you’re going for. The following are examples of a cartoon style meshed with realism)

Pet Portraits

Commission digital paintings of your constant companions
$15 Sketch | $30 Headshot | $45 Full | $65 Studio Style Portrait

Sketch Style

Headshot Style

Full Body

Environments & Landscapes

Commission traditional or digital paintings of urban, interior or concept landscapes from reference or photo.
| $50 Poster Colour 5x7 (5R) | $60+ for larger canvas sizes (must discuss beforehand)
| $45 Digital (4R, 5R, A4) |
Please message for other sizes or for concept (made up story/locations)

Visual Concept Breakdown

Graphic facilitation through a history or example visual concept breakdowns of racism and oppression as it relates to various topics.Rates Vary (depends on research required, content and timeline)

  • Contracted by or Presented for:

  • Tacoma Tree Foundation

  • Stormwater Community of Interest of the Puyallup Watershed Initiative (image on right)

  • University of Puget Sound - Tacoma Talks; Wasted Film Event;

  • Amara (image on left)

  • One Girl, Better Systems Townhall with Justice For Girls (2022)

  • Footprint Foundation (2023-present)

Draft Business & Branding

Draft business and branding services are provided on a first-come-first-serve-basis. Prioritizing Black/African Indigenous diaspora folks from any nation or community, but in particular people who are low income.
We cover the basics for:
Messaging & Marketing
Landing Page Creation
Draft Branding

These services are not meant to replace the consultation and services of a graphic designer or branding professional. This service is meant to get clients on the path to business feasibility & readiness.
These services are covered by profits associated with Nopales Ink’s Visual Practitioner consulting.


Nopales (disconnected hñähñu) is a visual practitioner & illustrator with a passion for food systems, community development and racial justice. They help community members to build sustainable anti-oppressive projects, programming & businesses, and also create visual concept breakdowns of racism and oppression as it relates to various topics.Nopales Ink is a business that is grounded in anti-racist and anti-oppressive action. Profits regularly support African diasporic & Indigenous people and movements.

Creative Community Support Funds

Nopales Ink is committed to the long-term support of Black/African, Indigenous people. We regularly save 25% of each commission pay (after taxes) to give back to community. In some cases, the content of the commission facilitates the needs for up to 100% of profits to return to a specific community or project.Next Support Release Date: Sept 2024If you are in the Puyallup Watershed area (Mt Tacoma to the port) and a Black/Indigenous creative or working on the maintenance or support of your nation or community, please contact for support getting materials or resources for your family, community or work.Si eres una artista Negra/Afro Indigena/Afro-latine y otra persona Indigena en los EE.UU; o si estas trabajando apoyar tu comunidad o nación, entonces email con su solicitud. Mi español es malo pero puedo pruebar contigo, esta bien 😂.
Mexicanos puede preguntar también. Pero, por favor, escribes el nombre de su comunidad. Como, “hñähñu," o el pueblo/rancho/ciudad, y el estado como, "Otomí de Juventino Rosas, Gto.” Esto apoyo es para SÓLO personas indigenas / afro-latines / afro-mexicanos.
Community & Creatives Support:
website hosting fees
domain name
groceries and care packages
Small cash amounts (venmo, paypal, cash app, ko-fi, or wire to major banks in mexico)
materials (books, art supplies, fees)
equipment (depends on cost, larger items might surpass resources available so message to check!)
workshop fees classes (cursos como Domestika, o con artistas independientes etc)
language classes etc.
We also support food sovereignty needs so if you or your community are in need of seeds, plants, or farm inputs and small equipment - please reach out.I release dates and amounts available in the pool once a quarter when possible or twice a year depending on number of commissions. The next expected date for available funds is October 2021. Support is available based on the profits from completed contracts.If you have bigger projects you want to get off the ground, my capacity is limited but I can always look for connections or support in other ways. Email me: [email protected]

Previous Release Sept 2022:
Nakem At The Table (community based business) - logo drafted and purchased
Never Alone (community events and support services) - logo purchased
Aiming Higher (youth oriented education and career focus, and adult focused inequitable system navigation) - logo purchase
Gloria Joy (writing workshops) - 1 year pro subscription
Lion Iron Fitness (community-based fitness, nutrition & cooking) - logo purchase


Thanks for browsing the site. Requests are currently closed for the duration of 2024 while Nopales Ink completes it's current contract.


Thanks for browsing the site. Please indicate which service you’re interested in and a description of your project or request. Response turnaround is within 72 hours.